Lavana Shurtliff

Jewelry & Art


I am propelled to live a life immersed in art and creativity. My earliest influence was my parents, who were both accomplished artists, and it was the weekly “art night” throughout my childhood and adolescence that generated a lifelong love of constant creation and artistic experimentation.

While pursuing a BFA in painting and printmaking, I found myself attending a one day workshop on flamework bead making. That morning I discovered a passion that would lead to the creation of Lavana Shurtliff Jewelry. Since 1992 flameworking has been the foundation of my jewelry collection. While the process itself is simple, wrapping molten glass around a steel rod, the possible outcomes are endlessly varied. By layering glass to create unique texture, contrast, and depth, each bead becomes a one-of-a-kind work of art. By incorporating sterling silver, gemstones, and pearls, I expand those possibilities even further.

As an artist, I also appreciate that each medium has it’s own properties and appeal. I work in charcoal, paint, collage, and sculpture, playing with elements and styles. The most unconventional medium I work with is found bones. Their natural sculptural qualities are inspiring, and as unique as my flamework beads.

You can view my work on the gallery page.

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